About Us

Coffee, Beans, Socks, Kits & Goodies all housed in an 1840's sawmill in the heart of Dundas Ontario Canada.  Not just your average cycling themed cafe in a small Ontario town.... ;-)

Krys Hines started Domestique cafe almost 8 years ago.  After a successful run he outgrew the place and waited for a new suitable location.  Peter Appleton slithered along with a lovely option more than twice the size of Domestique. A deal was struck over 3 bottles of rum and several thumb wars and the rest is History.  Johnny Summach became the much welcomed 3rd wheel and here we are!!!

(thats Krys Hines, he is really nice)

We offer a collection of cycling memorabilia including one of only 6 ever produced four colour jerseys (worn by the venerable and handsome Steve Bauer). 

Not to mention vintage bikes on regular display from around the world, classic signs, apparel and always an off the mark joke to go along with your double espresso short.  We even serve coffee from a tiny pink french truck sometimes!!

Plus we're always showing the latest and greatest in pirated euro transplanted cycling races and feeds

grupetto serves the greater community of Dundas, Hamilton and Toronto. We love to work with local non profits, charities, progressive cycling associations and of course COFFEE.

So come on by and say hello or simply check out one of our selections of beans and have them transported to your fine home where ever you may be.

We deliver worldwide and our beans are roasted every week so freshness is guaranteed (as long as you don't live somewhere we have to deliver by donkey, then it'll take a while).

(we love doing events, even when they're on a closed bridge during rush hour)

 Come on by, groups big or small are welcome and we always have fresh water for your bidons and a loo for you to use.